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Aug. 11th, 2004 @ 10:41 am
A comic that's right up this comic's ally.

...and the next time someone asks where the bathroom is, I'll just tell 'em "In your pants" and walk away. *eye-twitch*
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shy does not equal stuck up. Jul. 23rd, 2004 @ 07:03 pm
Today, i had two comments given that irked me. 1) from seibel heavy equip. The guys up there were all "she never comes and talks to us. she is stuck up". HEY! Im not stuck up. Im shy like that and what the hell are we supposed to talk about? The parts? who makes it? what its MADE OF?. Oh well. Didnt say anything to that. 2) From Mike that used to work with me. He said "yeah, dani didnt have any problem handing me the phone when i was already on the phone and had a line in front of me." I replyed. 'well mike, Im sorry that i dont know everything there is to know about cars. I needed help." I should have said, "get the hell out of here you fucking Auto Zone trador." I dont care if comments are made in passing. Some of this shit acutally hurts my feelings. Trying to make me look like im a sucky worker. I can work circles around people. So FUCK YOU!!!!

who do people make these comments and expect no reaction.?

retail is hell
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im new i and i have a story to share. May. 2nd, 2004 @ 09:32 am
Yesterday was God awful.This is a story of a person who works at advance auto parts as a deliverly driver. This particular story is a story of how mangment leaves out important details.

Work started off slow, so i asked if i could go to hardees and get all of us breakfast and put gas in the delivery truck. I came back, took one bite of my frico breakfast sandwich and then i had a delivery to what i thought went to clifton. The address on the ticket was for Woodlawn st, clifton forge. When i got to clifton, i stopped at taco bell to ask where the street was. After that, i drove where they told me to and the street wasnt there. So i stopped at the little store next to Pizza hut and asked a guy who was on the roof in the rain. I followed his directions and found the area where the street was. I eneded up at a retirement home. WTF. Anyways, turned around and went back, found the street, found the house. No one was home. I thought i had went to the wrong place. I drove around the neighborhood looking for a fucking garage forever. People were probably starting to get suspicious of me b/c i would drive around the block, come back, get out and knock on this guys door. I went to pizza hut to try and phone the guy, but they werent open yet so i went to family dollar. No one answered. I drove back to the guys house and then back to that small shop from before. That place is pretty neat. Lots of civil war paintings. I had them sit a candle holder aside for me that im going to pick up on monday after school. So at least something came of that. Anyways, i went back there after driving around that guys house 731471237 more times and i used the phone. And HOUR AND 45 MINUTES LATER, i leave clifton and go back to advance.

When i get back, i get a call that someone is waiting for some items that were to be delivered to honda cars. It was 3 wipers and an airfilter....hmmm thats odd...THATS WHAT I TOOK TO CLIFTON!!! My manager didnt tell me that the stuff was to go to HONDA FRICKIN CARS which is in the OTHER DIRECTION!!! -.-;;

so good. Apr. 25th, 2004 @ 04:22 pm
i found this article a long time ago.. somewhere.. sometime.. and it is good.

7 things a customer should NEVER SAYCollapse )

"MMMMMMMMMMMKKKKAAY" Apr. 19th, 2004 @ 09:52 pm
Does anyone know how hard it is to talk to a person about finding a particular kind of fucking beads and a spaghetti curler or something? A person with one of those little robot voice box thingys? Okay it took about a minute for her just to get me to understand what the fuck she was saying.. then we had to find this particular kind of beads that we didnt have.. I think she started yelling at me or something too because she looked pissed.. I couldnt quite tell by the tone of her voice though obviously. So yea then this spaghetti curler.. it turns out to be called a Pasta Maker and we do sell this... it isnt quite for pasta but.. you know. It took forever.. But really.. when shit comes out like "SSCAAN YouU HEEEElP mee FInD AATHE FRUNTCALSJDA BEEDSSA AND THTE SHHPAGHHHTEIT COURRREllEERrRnS?", you dont know what the fuck is going on.
After Work Today I Am: confusedconfused
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Other entries
» I hate accents
Ive got nothing against Asian people. I JUST HATE OLD BITCHY ASIAN WOMEN I CANT UNDERSTAND!!! Fuck em, so this family comes up to me with id say about 20 fucking things of yarn.. for a return.. bitch. I hate her already. But then she flips out on me when a bunch of the shit she brought in isnt on her receipt, she yells at me because I cant take it. WE DIDNT EVEN HAVE LIKE 2 KINDS OF THE SHIT SHE TRIED RETURNING AND SHE BITCHED MORE!! She got her fucking return after 5min of her bitching.. everything but her foreign yarn. TO BUY MORE SIMILAR YARN. I hate you. Cunt. I drew a picture of her. She is notoriously ugly and has an EXTREMELY FLAT FACE. sorry.

» Restless fucking cunt
Alright so about two weeks ago my work got an e-mail from corporate office about a customer bitching about me being a complete asshole from the time she got to the register to the time she walked out the door, I wouldnt let her use some coupon or some shit, and I had her there for 20min. When in reality I did nothing wrong, I was couteous to her the whole time, but she took everything i said and flipped it around, because the front end supervisor that came over made it a point that we wouldnt take her coupon and shit. I can understand a little bit of frustration and shit. BUT DUDE! SHE WRITES A TWO PAGE LETTER TO CORPORATE OFFICE! She gets her fucking $50 gift cert. and shit. But nooo thats not where it stops. I found out today that shes been going on 'AOL' posting her letter and shit and all about how horrible we are and shit. Personally I am going to try to locate this. I WANT TO FUCKING HURT HER.
» Thing #1 I love about customers:
(and by love i mean MOTHERFUCKING HATE):

i used to work at a store in the mall, at which there was only one long counter with 2 cash registers, one at each end. I would often be the only person working, and since it was an overpriced store there were rarely more than 2 customers in there at the same time, and never a line at the register. Well if I could see that somebody was getting close to being finished with their shopping, I would of course go to the register so I could be there and ready for them.
So, if I'm standing RIGHT AT one register (half the time even touching it), WHY THE FUCK DOES A CUSTOMER GO TO THE OTHER REGISTER? the two registers are not even close- they are a good 6 feet apart from each other and at opposite ends of the counter. When I'm the only person there and i'm already standing behind a register, WHY would you be SO FUCKING STUPID AND/OR SMARTASSED to go to the OTHER ONE?!?!?! and the best part is how fucking stupid they act about the whole thing as they just dump their stuff on the counter and stand there WAITING for ME to come to THEM. which i do... then grab their shit and bring it over to my register. some are so fucking stupid that they STAY at the wrong one and i have to go back and forth to get their payment and give change and everything.
m o r o n s .

tom likes it when i post.
» Tom made me do this:
so I work at CVS..

and I deal with alot of old people on Sundays.

They suck, but..I can't really think of any stories right now.

SO peace


ps. it's my birthday
» positive schmositive
but sometimes working in a horrible retail hell such as Michaels Craft Store can be a fun time- such as when retarded old women (i.e. so old they are decaying) roll around in their wheelchairs hollering unintelligible noises that can be heard echoing from wall to wall. your ears perk up and you're thinking 'retards? ARE SOME RETARDS LOOSE IN THE BUILDING?' ..but then you see her and know all is under control, just exceptionally ANNOYING.

(my first post and it's very, very offensive. YES!!)
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