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If i worked in public relations, i would kindly tell everyone i saw to go to hell. - Where The Mans drones can talk of The Mans proliferation

About If i worked in public relations, i would kindly tell everyone i saw to go to hell.

Previous Entry If i worked in public relations, i would kindly tell everyone i saw to go to hell. Dec. 12th, 2004 @ 09:18 pm Next Entry
So anyways, yesterday was good up until about 4 pm. Then it was good/bad/ugly. So this guy comes in advance, and i say to myself "go the fuck away santa" b/c that is what he looked like. He was bad santa hXc. He ordered something that has to come in over night. Polocy is that where you can, try to get the customer to PAY for it before you order it. I said to him we need to go pay for it and he went balistic. Yelling at me and everything. "i've never had to pay before it came in. I'm a commerical account. Bitch Btich Bitch" Ok, so i told him that we can order it w/o payment first if he wanted and he kept on bitchin. The last thing he said before he left was "i am going to make sure home office knows about this. I'm never shopping here again." Had Larry or JD or some otherGUY waited on him, he wouldnt not have gotten so mad. Well for starters, he didn't get the number for home office from me. Second, if he did call home office, they would tell his ass to pay for it first. And third. He will be back b/c he told me that we were the only place in town that could order that part. So go fuck yourself sideways. I told the bastard three times that it could be ordered with out payment but no. By this time i was almost in tears i was so pissed.

But it doesnt end there.

Another guy came in and wanted a battery tested. He WAS all happy and shit til he found out that the only people working were women. So he continues to huff and puff and be all pissed off as i test the battery and tell him that its bad. I go in look one up for him and get it. He retorts "well i guess you arent putting it in for me" he should have just finished saying "b/c you are a girl" B/c that is the impression i got. NO YOU FUCK. WE arent going to put it in for you b/c there are only TWO Fucking people wo rking. AND you have to take out half of your fucking m otor to put that god damned thing in!! You must be a really sad MAN if you are that fucking lazy. I could have killed him and santa. I CAN DO ALMOST ANYTHING THAT ANY FUCKING GUY CAN DO IN THAT FUCKING STORE. BUT NO. IF YOU DONT HAVE DICK, THEN THEY DONT WANT YOU TO EVEN LOOK SIDEWAYS AT THEIR PIECE OF SHIT CAR. I hate advance. HATE IT.

But it doesnt end there.

I had to come back to advance after work b/c i had a piece of paper that had customer info on it. I had ordered a part and they wouldnt know who it was for with out that paper. As i am leaving, i say bye to Sarah. She doesnt say bye to me. But instead starts talking really loudly to customers aobut how she hates advance and how people talk shit behind your back but wont say it to your face. The way she was talking was really obvious. I believe she was talking about me. Which, i cant remember if i said anything in the store about her, but yes she pisses me off pretty bad. Dont you think that AS MY FRIEND, when she visits the store she would talk to me? NO she goes and talks to paul and paul only. Also, she comes to work whenever. She was supposed to be there at 5pm. I had plans last night so i left at 5:15 and she still wasnt there. IT must be nice to come in when you want, and tell advance when you WANT to work as opposed to working when you are told. YEAH you would get pissed off too. I guess i truly dont have friends at work. She was the last and will remain the last. Everyone else in there are like friends, but not the kind you tell personal stuff to. I told her stuff...and once that i know of she blurted it out infront of coworkers. So great. I dont think she ment to, but FUCKIN A.

I love what I do. I love being busy, putting up stock, setting up displays and driving. But i hate my job b/c of the people. If i wasnt treated like this, maybe i would like it more. I feel like mitch. Mitch got out when he could. Maybe i should too.
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