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I work at an indie video store that specializes in foreign films, cult cinema, and pornography. The store is pretty alternative so you also get these uptight people who complain about the music we play (sorry, we'll play Yanni next time), the fact that we have a deal called the 666 deal, and the fact that we sell candy cigarettes. I have so many customers I love to hate, and they are usually the porn renters because they rent porn and then return it all sticky and with pubes on them. Typical I'm sure, but here is a story. I am Asian American, and this guy rented some Asian porn from me. No big deal, happens all the time. I just try not to think about what's going on in their head (if anything). But then this guy later on calls me up on our business line and then asks me out! This same guy who just rented Asian Invasion! Then there's this guy who rented some porn, and then asked my co-worker if there was anywhere in the store where he could watch it. Lorin said, "No." Then he begged to watch it in our office, or even to take the TV that we use to double-check movies that customers say are damaged into our bathroom so he can watch it there.

This community is great.
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Date:November 12th, 2004 10:55 am (UTC)
that is definantly up there on the list of perverted things i have ever read. what kind of guy would think that you would go for that? renting asian pornography and then calling you (probably while he was whackin it) to ask you out.. things like this i hear all the time make me hate alot of society more and more. arrr
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Date:November 16th, 2004 06:53 pm (UTC)
I know EXACTLY what you mean about 'double-checking' on the porn thing. As you read, the post below this one, i work in a video store too. More of a chainish deal. A guy came in once and said a porn tape was 'damaged' so he demanded we run the tape right there to see if something was wrong with it. Sure pal, we'll run a porno right over the TVs in the store during broad daylight, that'll be great you idiot.

As for customers hitting on you, the closest I've ever come to that is a customer looking lustfully at my girlfriend who was there to visit me and I nearly got up and tackled him. Welcome to the community dude.
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